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 Saving Neverland

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PostSubject: Saving Neverland   Saving Neverland I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 03, 2009 10:43 pm

Everyone believes they know the story... One day a boy was lead away from home by a fairy and found a magical land where mermaids, fairies, and Indians lived in harmony, having marvelous adventures together. The land was beautiful and pure and as the boy grew, he found others like him and took them back to that land, too--and oh, they had such fun. Life was wonderful and golden and though they fought with the Indians from time to time, they were never truly in danger...

But no place can remain untouched from the hand of evil...

Pirates found their way to the island upon that world, marveling at the flawless beauty of the home of the carefree boys, Indians, and creatures. Greed consumed them as they viewed the massive amounts of treasure that once coated its shores. At once the men hastened to steal the cherished goods, but the fairy boy called Peter was witty and quick and thinking that it would be such a great game to play hero, he whipped his friends, the Lost Boys he called them, into shape.

No matter how many times that devious Captain Hook and his scurvy crew stormed the beaches of Neverland, Peter was there to stop him with a crow and a bit of swashbuckling, his faithful love, Tinkerbell, at his side.

But day, Peter came back to Neverland with a girl...

A heartbroken Tinkerbell tried in vain to warn the foolish boy of the girl's wicked ways, but fascination and infatuation blinded him.

It didn't take long for Hook to find the Wendy-girl. It didn't take long for him to appeal to the very large part of her that wanted to be an adult. Making her feel grand and mature, Hook convinced her to help him. And help him she did.

Neverland was finally captured by the devious and wicked Hook.

As Peter watched Neverland burn around him, watched his Lost Boys run away, die, or be captured and press ganged onto the captain's ship, Wendy pleaded with him to go back with her. Peter had a choice: He could fight to the death for his friends like he had always sworn he would... or he could flee.

Thirty years later, a small and fragile-framed girl was dragged from the street by her wrist, her flaming-red hair whipping behind her. Her pale cheeks were flushed with fear and exertion. Her emerald eyes gazed about the dark alley, wide and filled with terror. The wild man in the suit the color of shamrocks and a top hat of the same color beamed down at her as he came to a sudden stop.

"This is it, Penny, dear," he told her in his faint British accent that she'd only ever heard on her mother, "This is your time to shine. Don't disappoint us now. Tink's counting on you to be the savior your father just couldn't be. She's paying a lot for this, so don't let her down."

Before she could say a word, before she could even blink, the world went black, the sensation of his hand about her wrist was gone, and the world fell away.....
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Posts : 10
Join date : 2009-12-03
Age : 27
Location : Jennings, Louisiana

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PostSubject: Re: Saving Neverland   Saving Neverland I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 03, 2009 10:52 pm


Okay, so this is my novel plot and storyline.

Penny is the daughter of Peter and Wendy. I'll play her part as I know exactly how I want this whole thing to play out with her.


Tinkerbell: She was once not only Peter's sidekick, but his lover. She is, of course, not over him. She's furious, angry, and spiteful. She's a massive bitch to Penny and does not trust her at all. She does soften towards her over time and eventually comes to love her like a sister. The price Tinkerbell is paying the man (who is the Mad Hatter) is her soul, which will forever be a part of his twisted Tea Party.

Mad Hatter: This man is part of everything. He brings Penny to Neverland, he makes deals with anyone willing to pay the price, and he seems to make everything happen somehow. He may not be involved with characters much (That's up to whoever plays him), but he'll play a big part in the whole plot.

FORMER LOST BOYS INFO: The Lost Boys were once very young, obviously, but like any child who has seen horrific things in his/her life, they mature and age mentally/emotionally way too fast. This is what happened to the Lost Boys. They are now the ages ranging from 16-20.

FAIRY INFO: They are not tiny. They are human-sized, are golden or silver, depending on if they are diurnal or nocturnal.

MERMAIDS: Self-explanatory. May be male or female, however.

INDIANS: Any age at all. Tiger Lily and the Chief are welcome canons. Tiger Lily would be a toughened warrior.

PIRATE INFO: They will all be twenty or older.

Freedom Fighters: These are the Lost Boys who manage to escape Hook and are now part of the rebellion to restore Neverland to its former glory. These can also be composed of the Indians, fairies, and mermaids.

Traitors: These are the Lost Boys who were press ganged into Hook's service. They are mostly in their early twenties and are now sort of brain-washed into wanting to be part of the crew.

Cowards: These are the Lost Boys who are in hiding. They refuse to fight or to be a traitor. They just want to be left alone.

Fairies: You can be evil, good, or in between. Doesn't matter.

Merpeople: Same as fairies.

Indians: It's less likely these will be traitors, but if you want, they can be.

That's it. Join away when you want. Doesn't matter what as.
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Saving Neverland
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