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 A Few Changes To The Rules

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PostSubject: A Few Changes To The Rules   Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:56 am

Please note that these are only rules updated on 12/3/09.
Please visit our New Members section for the full list of forum rules.


2.) Roleplay Boards;
Though we know it isn't always possible we request that you keep these boards in character, members found to be posting excessively in OoC on InCharacter boards will be warned and then deleted.
Anything posted here is considered open source; you do not retain any ownership. This DOES NOT MEAN WE OWN YOUR WORK. This only means anyone can find and use it.

2A.) This Means No Elitists;
We do not tolerate anyone using any sort of role playing status as an excuse to be rude or disrespectful. This is a community of equals, no member is superior to all others, where everyone is free to choose their identity. Anyone actively working against that goal will be deleted.

4.) Watch Your Language;
Please keep in mind that you never know who you are really talking to. While
profanities sometimes adds depth to a character or situation excessive foul
language will not be tolerated. For boards containing foul language please mark it as MATURE CONTENT.

4A.) Content Warning;
If you feel that something is absolutely pivotal to the plot of your story please mark it as MATURE CONTENT. [This applies to excessive gore, mature situations, drug use, and sensitive issues; such as abortion, and excessive violence] This way we don’t have a sudden mass influx of complaint forms saying “So-and-so said the ‘F Word’ and their characters are making-out.”
To protect this site and all the writers involved from any sticky legal situations we ask that if you have any reason to believe that your character may by any chance be involved in a sexually explicit scene that any and all characters involved be over the age of 18. We also ask that you use the MATURE CONTENT [R] [This rule sounds like a joke but it is a real legal issue so please help us out on this one.]

5.) Respect The Rules of Each Board;
Whom ever creates a topic is master of that realm. They set the rules for their
board. Board maker may require you to ask to join. They can and will enforce their rules on their boards. Anyone reported for excessively breaking board rules will be suspended.

6.) Board Makers;
Upon making a board in this forum you are accepting responsibility for what goes on there. Board Makers are responsible for properly rating their content. Anyone who fails to rate a board containing MATURE CONTENT will be warned and then deleted.

Racial, Religious, Political, We don’t care. Slurs and hate speech are not acceptable.


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A Few Changes To The Rules
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