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 What is play-by-Post roleplaying?

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What is play-by-Post roleplaying? Empty
PostSubject: What is play-by-Post roleplaying?   What is play-by-Post roleplaying? I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 4:32 am

it has come to my attention that many people still have no idea what play-by-post roleplaying is.... so here is a wiki article on the subject.

A play-by-post game (PbP) is an online text-based role-playing game. This is a niche area of the online roleplaying community which caters to both gamers and creative writers. PbP games are often based on other role-playing games, non-game fiction, or original settings. This activity is closely related to both interactive fiction and collaborative writing.

Play-by-post games are usually written in the third person perspective. This allows the players (and gamemasters, if any) to write in the personas of their characters. This is the best way to separate the player character from the person playing the character (the typist), and it makes the game more readable. Sometimes online game terms such as OOC (Out of character) or OOG (Out of Game) are used to differentiate character vs. personal posting.

The first message posted onto a thread of that nature is usually one person laying down the scenario, starting a story about their character and inviting others. The thread then becomes an ongoing story in which players periodically advance the plot by reading the latest reply and then typing what their character does and how the environment changes in response. These replies are often open-ended so that other players can continue.

Depending on the rules established on the forum, roleplaying and story can be pushed forward through moderation by a gamemaster, specific rules (often existing role-playing game systems), or by mutual agreement between players.

Role-playing by mutual agreement does not rely on statistics or dice; any combat is usually written in entirety by one or more players. In some games, players will be allowed to include the actions of another player in their post, but this practice is commonly considered cheating in more established play-by-post games, where players are responsible for their own characters. Any form of this cheating (automatic hits and controlling another player's character) is commonly referred to as "power playing" or "God modding". However, one player may temporarily hand over control of their character to another player if they cannot play for a while, rather than dropping out entirely.

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What is play-by-Post roleplaying?
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