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 Greek God Plot Help

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PostSubject: Greek God Plot Help   Greek God Plot Help I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 02, 2009 3:09 am

Okay, help me out here and if your interested joining the site later on,
I will make you a staff member. Here is what I got so far.
Quote :
There are gods and then there are those who simply posses powers and immortality.
In a time where it took a lot more than a few unnatural abilities to be proclaimed a god or
goddess, men and women often used there powers to better those around them and even
protect them from death. That was a long time ago, but not completely unforgotten.

Welcome to the twenty-first century, the place where every thing is much more than it seems
and that is the case with the newly awaken gods and goddesses of old.
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PostSubject: Re: Greek God Plot Help   Greek God Plot Help I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 05, 2009 11:16 am

Haha. Clever, Neve. XD

Okay, so let's see. How about this:

Long ago, in the times when Greeks still believed in their mythology and Romans, too, a battle ensued between the gods against the fates. They resented the power the fates possessed and even joined forces with Hades to obtain it.

The Fates prevailed and in their rage, they cursed the gods. They wanted power so much? Well they would learn to appreciate their own. They did away with the gods, but they were much too powerful to obliterate altogether.

In 2009, a generation of children were born, each rather strange in their own right. They all turned out beautiful, they all turned out clever, but they all had very different personalities.

(Ex: Aphrodite is a sexy cheerleader who often goes to the beach and is known as a slut. Zeus is the quarterback and captain of every sports' team as well as president of his class. Poseidon would be a life guard in the summer and a swimmer during school.)

Can these gods ever remember who they really are as their powers finally begin to push through in their final years of adolescence? Can they find the Fates and destroy them so they can once again become immortal?

(They are mortal right now. The Fates hoped the gods would never figure it out and die naturally.)
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Greek God Plot Help
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